Sunday, January 31, 2010

School project

This collage is from a school project where I created a Daguerreotype photo before and after. Of course we did not do the actual process, we have photoshop for that! It was a very interesting and fun project.

A Daguerreotype (original French: daguerréotype) is one of the earliest photographic processes, developed by Jacques Daguerre, in which the image is formed by amalgam i.e. a combination of mercury and silver. Mercury vapor from a pool of heated mercury is used to develop the plate that consists of a copper plate with a thin coating of silver rolled in contact that has previously been sensitised in iodine vapor (later sensitivity was increased by using the other halides - chlorine and bromine to form silver chloride and silver bromide crystals reducing the exposure time to about one minute.

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Near Tom Sawyer Island

This was taken while sailing on the Mark Twain steamboat while drifting around Tom Sawyer Island on The Rivers of America at Disneyland, USA.


Snowstorm at Disneyland, USA!